6 Marketing Tools Healthcare Organizations Can Use For Staffing Shortages

By: Nate Haines, Digital Communications Specialist

Over the last several years, staffing shortages have become a persistent challenge for healthcare organizations. From a dynamic job market to economic fluctuations, there are many reasons why companies struggle with recruiting and retaining talent.

Healthcare employers should know that an effective marketing strategy combined with strong messaging can help attract more talent to their organization, even during more challenging times. Some practical tools healthcare employers can implement include:

Strong organizational branding 

Attracting the right talent begins with creating a compelling employer brand. A strong brand highlighting a healthcare company’s values and culture is a great way to welcome more interest.

Strategic messaging 

Strategic messaging throughout a company’s communications efforts, from marketing to customer service, conveys a unified message and personality, making it easier for potential employees to recognize, trust and connect with a company.

Branded careers page

A well-branded careers page that addresses workplace culture, employee benefits and job-specific day-in-the-life videos provides prospective employees with a glimpse into their potential work environment and role.

Social media 

Social media platforms are a great way to showcase a company’s work culture, values and achievements. Job applicants will also be able to connect with a company’s mission and goals, which can increase the number of applications from qualified candidates.

Employee testimonials

Employee testimonials offer firsthand insights into the work environment and company culture. These authentic stories can resonate with and help attract qualified candidates.

Online reputation management 

In the digital age, a company’s online reputation is important. A positive online presence can make a company more appealing to job applicants.

Encouraging employees to provide positive reviews in places like LinkedIn or Glassdoor reinforces a strong culture for prospective employees.

Addressing healthcare staffing shortages is a complex challenge, but marketing can be a powerful tool to attract and retain talent.

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