Your workplace environment feeds into your brand’s reputation

By: Nate Haines, Digital Communications Specialist

Have you ever considered how your brand is perceived by your audiences?

Each day, the most effective mission-based organizations are run by people who respect one another and care for the people their company serves.

If you are trying to figure out how to build a reputable brand or want to improve how your brand is viewed, a great way to start is by providing the best possible experience for your employees.

When employees are presented with a supportive work environment, your brand’s reputation benefits from positive employee endorsements, the experiences customers have with your organization and, often, by word of mouth.

Here are some considerations to make for cultivating an excellent workplace reputation:

  • What is the organizational culture we desire so we can recruit and hire new team members that will be successful here? 

  • What behaviors do we model to make sure we treat each other with dignity and respect?

  • How do we train employees to ensure they learn the norms and attitudes that are important to our mission?

  • How do we coach to ensure policies are followed, work is high-achieving and employees are supported to grow personally and professionally?

  • And lastly, how do we monitor performance to ensure high-performing employees are recognized and re-recruited, and lower-performing employees are put on a path to improve?

Like time-based investing, small deposits in your work culture each day will lead to significant returns over time. The workplace environment implemented within any mission-based organization is essential, and the leaders of an organization set the tone for success.

As your workplace environment continues to strengthen, your brand will be doing the same. Contact us to learn more about how we can help your brand thrive.