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In 2015, Rejuvenate Kidney Transplant Solutions co-founders Alvin Roth, Gabriel Holschneider, Dr. Michael Rees, Susan Rees and Tom Riley set out to find a solution to rising healthcare costs employers faced due to the effects of chronic kidney disease on their employees.

Currently, one in seven Americans has chronic kidney disease and 96% of them are not aware they are in the early stages. 

Chronic kidney disease associated with obesity and diabetes is one of the largest and fastest growing healthcare cost-drivers for employers. Chronic kidney disease weakens the kidneys until they can no longer function properly. The best solution is to receive a new kidney through transplantation. However, kidneys are in high demand and patients are usually put on dialysis while they wait. Dialysis is a very expensive lift for self-insured employers, healthcare payers and the employee receiving treatment.

Even with modern medical advancements, an incredible 60% of patients still die waiting for a lifesaving kidney to become available. Rejuvenate’s goal is to take people off the waiting list by getting them a new kidney transplant and reduce overall treatment costs to employers.


When FireStarter partnered with Rejuvenate in 2021, there was an opportunity to help Rejuvenate reinvent their brand to reach a larger audience of self-insured employers. And with FireStarter’s team already having years of experience in healthcare and organ transplantation, they were able to take advantage of a niche marketing space that other agencies would not be able to capitalize on.

First, FireStarter reinvented Rejuvenate’s logo to embolden their brand in a competitive healthcare environment. This way, Rejuvenate’s new branding could be more easily integrated throughout their content.

FireStarter was then able to redesign their website with an emphasis on stronger messaging and graphics. This allows for several advantages:


Along with a redesigned website, FireStarter also developed collateral with clear messaging and implemented a content marketing strategy that allowed the organization to focus on other tasks. Nearly a year later, Rejuvenate completely reimagined what was possible with their brand. With the promotional help from FireStarter, Rejuvenate can continue saving and healing lives through kidney transplantation.