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In 2022, FireStarter was presented with a unique opportunity to work alongside an organization that is digitally transforming the organ donation and transplantation space.

MediGO is a first of-its-kind healthcare supply chain technology company that enables real-time management of time-sensitive medical resources on a centralized communication channel. MediGO knows how when stewarding a gift of life from donor to recipient, there is no margin for error. Countless people and steps make up the entire transplant journey, and one problem at any point along the way can result in an organ not arriving in time for transplant.

Quite simply, MediGO developed their award-winning platform to put the power of real-time data into the hands of their users. MediGO’s current clients can attest to the technology’s usefulness and efficiency.


MediGO is still a relatively new organization after being founded in 2020. In order to help their organization grow, MediGO’s team contacted FireStarter for help.

To help them in the best way possible, FireStarter began by implementing several different strategies:


Through the partnership, FireStarter was proud to help MediGO increase its brand awareness and help promote its award-winning organ donation and transplantation logistics technology.