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With experience in the delicate process of buying and selling businesses, Founder Tim Lyons serves the needs of business owners who are ready to develop relationships with investors who are committed to honor and continue the legacy of their business.

To provide the best service possible for their clients, Lyons Co. needed a professional brand that would reflect upon their knowledge and expertise. In 2021, Lyons Co. partnered with FireStarter to rebrand their organization. Lyons Co. wanted to keep its name, and redesign their logo into a symbol that would be recognizable for years to come.


Before anything, our team dedicated time with Lyons Co. to understand their goals, clients, values and vision. From there, we designed a logo for Lyons Co. that not only put their brand at the same caliber of the investors they represent, but also instilled trust, strength and professionalism.

Once their new logo was finalized, the rest of the rebranding process was implemented including:

FireStarter also revamped Lyons Co. website, produced storytelling photography and videography, updated their social media accounts and, overall, transformed their branding.


Today, Lyons Co.’s core values of being approachable, disciplined and loyal allow them to continue helping businesses diversify wealth, transition ownership and bring on capital partners. FireStarter is proud to have been able to help their team connect family and privately-owned companies with non-traditional investors with a new bolder brand, website and collateral.