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Serving at the bedside of organ donor heroes, Robert experienced first-hand how misconceptions about organ donation were ultimately leading to lost opportunities for people to leave a legacy and save lives. Robert wanted people to the understand the facts, how donation brings comforts to families and saves lives. Realizing the entertainment industry unknowingly drives these myths deeper into people’s beliefs, Robert started out by writing a novel called Gifted. The book was a success, but Robert wanted to go bigger. He partnered with an award-winning production team to film a docuseries that educates people about what really happens through the compelling stories of donor families and recipients. Robert needed two things to bring GIFTED the docuseries to life – elevated branding and funding to complete the project.


Robert engaged FireStarter knowing our expertise in the donation and transplantation field. Our team created a new logo that represents the miracle of organ donation and their purpose of inspiring others through entertainment. From there, we built a website that houses the trailer, educates with interactive infographics and makes it easy for people to support with a built-in fundraising platform.


Robert put his new branding and website to work to launch the fundraising campaign. He was ultimately able to reach his fundraising goal and also completed the production of his lifesaving docuseries.