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After overcoming two organ transplants, Simon Keith wanted to give back to the industry that saved his life twice. He put his entrepreneurial spirit to work and transformed one of the worst performing organ procurement organizations in the U.S. to the best. While serving in this role, Simon saw the pressing need for change across the entire donation and transplantation ecosystem nationwide. He acted quick and founded Cambridge85, a consulting firm dedicated to improving staff performance, increasing organ recovery and transplant rates and saving lives. He needed a website that communicated his credibility and sense of urgency to bring Cambridge85 on board.


FireStarter’s niche expertise in donation and transplantation was exactly what Simon needed to get the job done. Our team created a streamlined, immersive and easy-to-navigate website that proved Simon’s passion and track record of success.


FireStarter delivered a website rich with compelling content, specific to reaching key decision makers within the donation and transplantation industry. Today, Simon is driving growth with donation and transplantation partners nationwide to save more lives than ever.