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The Alliance for Paired Kidney Donation (APKD) is a nonprofit organization located in Toledo, OH, that desires to save lives by securing a living donor kidney transplant for every patient who needs one. APKD educates and engages patients with kidney failure, living kidney donors and healthcare professionals to fulfill their goals.

APKD believes paired kidney donation is an important step towards saving more lives. According to APKD, paired donation creates a pathway for living kidney donors and their incompatible recipients to find matches with other pairs in the same situation. Simply put, paired donation breaks chains by making them.


In 2021, FireStarter began working with APKD to help transform their marketing needs. In the past, APKD did not have a designated team to take on the marketing responsibilities of their organization.

For APKD, some areas of development included:


To date, FireStarter has ensured that APKD’s marketing is up to their industry’s standard. And because FireStarter specializes in serving mission-driven organizations, APKD has been able to reach a larger audience and save more lives than ever.