The Negative Impact of an Unorganized Marketing Strategy

By: Nate Haines, Digital Communications Specialist

Do you ever take notice when a company has bad marketing?

A poor marketing strategy comes in many forms and can vary from industry to industry. Companies with an unorganized marketing strategy often run into similar problems, including:

  • Outdated content
  • Inconsistent branding and graphics
  • A neglected blog strategy
  • Rushed video production
  • Social media accounts with little engagement
  • Confusing messaging

However, it’s not just the company’s brand image that is impacted by these problems. Current clients and future prospects are also deterred from investing in products and services!

With bad content, a brand will not look professional or organized, thus damaging credibility and reputation.

Ask yourself, “Would I invest in an organization with an unattractive website, outdated social media pages and contact information that is hard to locate or inaccessible?” The answer is probably a resounding “No!”

Good marketing, on the other hand, can do more for a brand than most leaders realize.

A strategic content marketing strategy provides audiences with many valuable benefits, including the following:

  • A consistent and transparent brand across multiple platforms
  • Increased brand retention through storytelling
  • Valuable and organized information
  • Relevant updates (such as timely press releases)
  • A customer-focused experience

Remember, a clear marketing strategy lays the foundation for valuable leads, customer interactions and partnerships. As an organization establishes a more consistent approach, it will likely see a steady increase in leads and positive customer interactions.

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