Rejuvenate Kidney Transplant Solutions announces strategic rebranding

Focus remains on helping self-insured employers lower costs and save lives from chronic kidney disease.

TOLEDO, Ohio, June 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Rejuvenate Kidney Transplant Solutions announced a strategic rebranding today. Formerly known as Rejuvenate Healthcare, the organization’s new identity results from its efforts to focus solely on the needs of self-insured employers who are experiencing skyrocketing claims from the growing proportion of workers with kidney disease.

Kidney disease is one of the largest and fastest growing cost drivers in healthcare today:

  • Approximately 1 in 7 Americans is suffering from kidney disease.
  • The percentage of patients living with end stage renal disease (ESRD, also known as kidney failure) has tripled in the last 20 years.
  • Patients with ESRD must either undergo dialysis several times each week or receive a kidney transplant to survive.
  • Yet, 60% of those who are on a list to be transplanted die while waiting.
  • Self-insured employers are responsible for the first 33 months of dialysis and medical costs which routinely exceed $500 thousand per patient during this time.

Rejuvenate Kidney Transplant Solutions helps employers gain control over healthcare expenses related to kidney failure. Using data-driven processes, the organization improves employee lives and saves employer dollars by identifying kidney failure patients early and transplanting more of them sooner than the status quo. The cost of kidney transplantation and associated medical care is roughly one-fifth that of dialysis, and transplanted patients live 5-10 years longer than those on dialysis.

 “Our proprietary care navigation program shortens the path to transplant for patients with kidney disease providing better access to care at a lower cost with improved outcomes. Very few programs can provide that type of success,” states Michael Rees, MD, PhD, co-founder and chief executive officer of Rejuvenate Kidney Transplant Solutions. “As a kidney transplant surgeon who has dedicated his career to kidney transplantation and healthcare reform, I am truly excited about the future of this organization and its ability to save lives.”

“Rejuvenate Kidney Transplant Solutions’ offering is a welcome relief to self-insured employers and third-party payers who, for far too long, have been burdened by escalating costs with no relief in sight. The company’s leadership is strong, its innovations are proven, and I anticipate big things from this team in helping to solve the kidney disease epidemic worldwide,” stated Gabriel Holschneider, board chairman, Rejuvenate Kidney Transplant Solutions.

About Rejuvenate Kidney Transplant Solutions

Rejuvenate Kidney Transplant Solutions improves the lives of people suffering from kidney failure. Its patented, employer-focused approach achieves more transplants sooner than a company’s historic average thereby lowering healthcare costs and dramatically improving the lives of its workers.

Rejuvenate Kidney Transplant Solutions is guided by an award-winning team of healthcare leaders – all pioneers in transplantation and healthcare innovation. Among these are transplant surgeon Michael Rees, MD, PhD, who pioneered global kidney paired donation into pay-it-forward, nonsimultaneous, altruistic donor-initiated chains; entrepreneur Simon Keith, who catapulted the worst performing organ procurement organization in the United States to the best in the world, and is also the first professional athlete to return to professional sport following a transplant; and, economist Alvin Roth, PhD, who was awarded the 2012 Nobel Memorial prize for his algorithm that revolutionized the pay-it-forward kidney exchange. Their innovations have helped more than 20,000 patients overcome barriers to kidney transplants and live longer, healthier, more productive lives.

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