MediGO’s Much-Anticipated Supply Chain Offering Innovates Organ Donation and Transplantation to Save More Lives

MediGO, known for its Scoutline™ logistics platform that enables real-time management of time-sensitive medical resources on a centralized communication channel, announced its release of a first-of-its-kind product suite to modernize and enhance the entire organ donation and transplant supply chain. These products, offered to organ procurement organizations, transplant centers and their partners, improve operational efficiencies, reduce barriers to transplant, drive down costs, and save more lives.

The traditional organ donation and transplant supply chain evolved organically over time and is comprised of a complex series of different supply chains. The MediGO suite simplifies supply chain logistics starting from the time of organ referral to successful transplantation, bringing together each important stakeholder. For the first time ever, MediGO is uniting clinical providers, couriers, donors, donor families, clinical testing services, medical examiners, funeral directors, intermediaries, third party service providers, transplant candidates, recipients and recipient families.

“We are uniting the organ donation and transplant communities using technology in order to save more lives,” said Dr. Joseph Scalea, multi-organ transplant surgeon and MediGO co-founder. “Every day I see patients desperately waiting for a lifesaving organ, but many patients never get a transplant. This exciting platform is a huge step forward. It uses data analytics, machine learning and systems integration to streamline the supply chain, with the goal of delivering more organs in time for transplant.”

MediGO’s supply chain platform is integrated, agile and intelligent. It collects data through system integration and combines proprietary and open communication platforms as well as shared transactional data with the Internet of Things (IoT). MediGO Supply Chain resource planning improves data integrity by eliminating duplicate data entry to become the primary source of trust for partners. Additionally, it uses predictive analytics to optimize deployment of both field and inpatient human resources for OPOs and transplant centers. Smart resource deployment improves decision making and drives efficiency to optimize organ procurement and successful transplantation.

“This is a monumental moment for both the organ donation and transplantation industries. MediGO is simultaneously applying critical supply chain insights and innovative technologies to this remarkable field,” said Scott Plank, CEO and co-founder, MediGO. “My time at Under Armour building the company’s global supply chain functions contributed significantly to my belief that supply chains and logistics platforms require continued innovation like any other technology our society relies on today. We are thrilled to partner with industry leading OPOs, transplant centers and transport professionals to better manage lifesaving resources and reimagine communications between all stakeholders to save lives.”

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About MediGO
MediGO, is a first-of-its-kind health care supply chain technology company. Its cloud-based Scoutline™ platform enables real-time management of time-sensitive medical resources on a centralized communication channel. Powered by proprietary algorithms and machine learning, MediGO provides the most actionable data in the donation and transplantation industry. With newfound supply chain transparency, care teams can proactively unify stakeholders, coordinate resources, and minimize waste – to improve quality and deliver confidence. For more information about MediGO, a JSP Ventures company, visit