Designing with a purpose

In graphic design, individuals can define and shape how people perceive the world around them.

Whether crafting dynamic brand assets, developing eye-catching marketing materials, or designing engaging digital interfaces, graphic designers can use their aesthetic judgment and technical skills to create something that is both relevant and functional. 

As an experienced graphic designer, Taylor Hollingsworth enjoys these aspects of her role with our clients.

“I really enjoy knowing that a client can use my work in a meaningful way,” said Taylor. “There’s something impactful about that.”

Taylor has always had a passion for art and design. In college, she started as an art education major. She later had the opportunity to learn more about graphic design and how it impacts our everyday lives. From there, she switched majors and knew she had found her dream career path.

Her journey would eventually lead her to our team at FireStarter, where she has been able to help clients across many different industries, including organ donation and transplantation services, orthopedics, contract manufacturing and solar HVAC. 

“Working with FireStarter’s various clients is an exciting aspect of my role because I’m able to create for and work with companies across the country,” said Taylor. 

She also believes that her work has continued to broaden her skill set.

“I always believed creative skills were the most important, but I’ve learned there are other aspects to design that also hold great importance,” said Taylor. “A few of these would be time management, professionalism, design research and good client communication. A project can be designed, but it takes those other skills to get it across the finish line.”

Undoubtedly, Taylor’s experience and skill set contribute to the incredible quality of the creative content she provides for our clients. We are very grateful to have her on our team!

Learn more about Taylor and the rest of our specialized team here.